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Changing the status quo

At nurtur, we empower moms to identify and address postpartum depression before symptoms even appear

Powerful prediction

Each year, nearly one million new mothers are silently battling postpartum depression, slipping through the cracks without diagnosis or access to vital treatments.

nurtur collaborates with OBGYNs, health systems, and payers to deploy our early warning system, a proprietary Machine Learning algorithm that can predict which patients will develop symptoms.

Our simple intake form outperforms today's standard depression screening, providing answers during pregnancy, months before any symptoms appear.

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Self-guided therapy, at home

We turn awareness of risk for postpartum depression into action by enrolling high-risk pregnant patients in our self-guided therapy platform.

In less than ten minutes a day, women engage in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tailored for maternal mental health. Our program is meticulously designed to foster resilience, enhance engagement with support networks, challenge rigid thinking patterns, and normalize the imperfect facets of motherhood.

Backed by rigorous clinical validation, our frameworks are recognized for their effectiveness in preventing postpartum depression. That's why they come highly recommended by the US Preventive Services Task Force.

Collaborative Care Model

Our collaborative care model seamlessly extends behavioral health services for OBGYN clinics.

Importantly, it's reimbursable through health insurance.

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Get help immediately

With prediction, we can start interventions months in advance and avoid long waitlists for mental health providers.

Accessible treatment

Self-guided therapy reduces the financial barriers of treatment, making it more affordable and inclusive for all individuals seeking mental health support.

Care and support

We are committed to ensuring that every woman receives the care and support she needs, leaving no one to fall through the cracks.

Meet our team

Kristen Ellefson

Chief Executive Officer

Bindu Chanagala

Chief Product Officer

Martin Frasch MD, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Amardeep Singh

Head of Engineering

Clemence Couteau

Head of Product Strategy

Mel Frank

Chief of Staff

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